Welcome Powerful Distributors

2007-9-24 10:35:46

Tinout is  dedicated to supply  the world optical network and fibre optic communication equipments£¬ manufacturing with high performance  opto-electronical transceiver module and photonic component ,series optical module product based on FTTX service, kilo mega speed data communication equipment, optical memory area ,MAN and video monitor optical transmission system.


Our company found optical basis device utility department, dedicated to the research and development of optical basis device, now we have the capacity to produce TOSA/ROSA/ BOSA component series product and Laser Diode/Pin+Tia series products. The specification steps from 155Mb/s 622Mb/s 1.25Gb/s to 2.5Gb/s.We make our efforts to produce  dependable quality optical basis device to serve advanced position Transceiver factory.


We are looking for world-wide partner, sincerely invite powerful partner, on the basis of our stable and formidable technology flexible terms of cooperation, we will serve our partner and jointly open up the optical basis device market.

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