SFP Transceivers, GBIC Modules & XFP By POFLink|Cisco, Nortel, 3Com Compatible

2007-10-10 14:03:56

 SFP Transceiver, GBIC Modules & XFP By Tinout. Cisco, Nortel, 3Com Compatible

Pluggable interfaces are small, hot-swappable, managed port interface modules that provide physical layer (copper or fiber) signaling for data, voice, storage and video transport networks.

Pluggable Solutions & Applications

Tinout provides pluggable interfaces for a wide variety of applications from Enterprise to Carrier, from campus to Metro:

 The primary application for SFP, GBIC, and XFP technology is in media conversion applications. Here, we see various protocols converted from copper to fiber, or multimode to single-mode fiber with the same physical infrastructure. The use of SFPs simplifies the design and dramatically reduces on-hand spares inventory, providing a major cap-ex and op-ex savings to the customer.

Distance Extension

 Another key application for SFPs is in distance extension. Here we see an SFP-based signal regenerator extending fiber optic cabling to long distances for very low cost. With 3-R signal regeneration the number of hops in a Gigabit Ethernet network is virtually unlimited, and SONET/SDH networks can be extended for long distances as well.

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