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  • Multimode QSFP+ 10km SM 1310nm - 40Gbit/s , parallel 4x 10.3125 to 11.2 Gbit/s - with Monitoring (DDM / DOM) - Standard MSA
    Multimode Transceiver for 40G Ethernet with MPO connector

    At present, QSFP+ ports are being used in virtually all current high density switches (e.g. Force10 4810, Juniper QFX, Extreme X670, Alcatel Omniswitch 6900, Cisco Nexus 3000, etc.). These ports enable data rates of up to 40 Gigabit/s with the appropriate QSFP+ transceivers. However, what has been lacking until now has been the transmission distance.  Currently, using the multimode QSFPs+ available , distances of up to150m (and that is just about it!) can be achieved on OM4 fiber.

    We successfully tested one of the first available QSFP+ LR Transceivers. The transceivers have an integrated MUX/Demux which transmit 1270, 1290, 1310 and 1330nm CWDM wavelengths for up to 10km

    QSFP+ Transceiver Module
    40GBASE-LR4 Interface
    40-Gigabit Ethernet
    40Gb/s Aggregate Data Rate
    4 Parallel Channels (4x10Gbps)
    1310nm Wavelength
    Up to 10km reach over OM4 Multimode
    MPO/MTP Connector

    Test for QSFP+-LR-Spektrum

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